Moodle Task 1: My VARK Results

I completed a learning style test (VARK) and here are results:

Visual 9

Aural 7

Read/Write 8

Kinaesthetic 9

From looking at my VARK scores I am quite surprised how close they are, as I expected to have more of a spike towards visual and kinaesthetic. Being dyslexic I knew I would have a lower aural score because I have always struggled to remember spoken words as my brain loses concentration easily. Hence the reason why my reading and writing score is lower, but from past experience, I have found that drawing pictures alongside small amounts of writing is one of the most effective revision techniques.

Personally, I prefer to have a hard copy of my notes, as I find it easier to refer back if I am struggling with a topic. However, in lectures my notes aren’t always recorded as accurately because I can spend too much time in some cases working out how to spell certain words. I have found recording my lectures a huge asset to me, as I am able to write up my notes up neatly afterwards knowing that they are accurate.

Looking forward, I am going to focus my learning using textbooks with lots of diagrams and pictures alongside videos to back up what I have read (due to my high visual score). When I am in practical sessions I will make sure that I take an active role within the practical in order to use it as a revision tool. Overall I think it’s been a useful method for me to reevaluate my revision technique, to ensure that I am using the most effective method for me. Not only that it has aided my understanding of what other technology (a Dictaphone) I could use to support my studies.


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