My Reflection on My Animal Biomechanics Assignment

Last month I wrote a piece of literature about an alligator, on a count of their specific type of gait.

First, I viewed a series of different websites and textbooks to obtain a general understanding of the animal. However, this information was limited to a certain extent, as they didn’t cover how limbs are affected or the purpose of the tail. This was to be expected. Therefore, I researched for online journals that could explain how the tail creates drag and changes the central centre of mass (Georgi et al., 2015). However, originally I had only focused on articles within the last four years, making it difficult to find all the information.

Reading the articles enabled me to be able to produce a more sophisticated and professional article, as there was a wider use of extended vocabulary. Studies have shown that reading has been used to upgrade vocabulary especially the use of e-books (Chen et al., 2013). This maybe because computer equipment may affect brain activity allowing people to absorb more information.

However, I was also able to improve my report by using Grammarly, as this has enabled me to make sure I don’t miss any grammatical errors (Qassemzadeh and Soleimani, 2016). An online thesaurus was also used, especially when trying to write up article findings in my own words. Not only did it ensure a reduced chance of copyright, but also improved the range of vocabulary I used.

Next time, I would research older articles first, as this would enable me to have a better understanding of how biomechanics research has evolved. Most recent studies had referenced the older articles, as they had built upon their earlier findings. However, in hindsight, I would have benefitted from starting with these earlier articles to have gained a deeper insight into the research.

If anyone is interested in the information I found out, here is the link to my assignment.

The Biomechanics of an Alligator


Chen, C., Chen, S., Eileen Chen, S. and Wey, S. (2013) ‘The Effects of Extensive Reading via E-Books on Tertiary Level EFL Students’ Reading Attitude, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary’. [online] The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 12(2) p.303. [Accessed on 8 November 2016]

Georgi, J., Jacofsky, M. and Manfredi, K. (2015) ‘The First Prosthetic Alligator Tail and the Role of the Tail in Normal Terrestrial Locomotion’. [online] The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 29(1) p.1. [Accessed on 30 October 2016]

Qassemzadeh, A. and Soleimani, H. (2016) ‘The Impact of Feedback Provision by Grammarly Software and Teachers on Learning Passive Structures by Iranian EFL Learners’. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 6(9) p.1884.


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