My Personal Development Plan

As part of my future career, I need to be able to reflect and improve upon previous experience. To be able to do this I have created a Personal Development Plan (PDP) so that I can set SMART targets. Also know as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely targets. As I continue through my course and career, I will able to update my PDP to ensure that it meets the criteria of my current desired goals.

The link below is a copy of the personal development plan that I created.

Personal Development Plan

I have also included the document that I used in order to create the PDP in the first place. This ensured that I would be able to see my strengths and weakness clearer.

Personal Development Plan Skills Audit

Once I graduate I will be able to write a more updated PDP that will reflect more of what I want to achieve past graduation. Hence why I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to go into too much detail about after graduation if I didn’t know the skills I needed to develop to get to graduation in the first place.


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